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Editorial Policy

Our editors spend hours relentlessly trawling through hundreds of products and services, so rest assured that everything featured on Hauterfly is personally handpicked for you. We never accept money (or cupcakes) to feature products or write positive reviews.

Occasionally, you’ll see stories, product selections, emails and social media posts marked “Dedicated” – this is stuff we’ve been paid to create on behalf of our advertisers. These stories give you information about or are related to our partners’ products, but you’ll want to read them just as much as our regular stuff (it’s actually good!).

Some stories may also include affiliate links to retail partners – through which we earn commissions based on sales – but in no way does this affect our editorial policy or influence our decisions.

We do all this because we have to pay bills just like everybody else. (Some of this money might also go towards paying for new shoes, but we refuse to say how much.)

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