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Rainbow Eyebrows: The Next Big Craze On Instagram!

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For a while now, we’ve known that Instagram is THE place to spot emerging beauty trends. Remember how we told you about some crazy beauty trends we spotted on the platform that made us go WTF!? The latest trend that’s caught our attention is the eyeball-grabbing, rainbow-coloured eyebrows trend.

Now we’re no strangers to the coloured brows trend. We even spotted a milder version of it at the Gen Next Show at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 last month. But rainbow eyebrows are pretty radical.

Take a look for yourself:



IMO, the colourful brows are beyond gorgeous. And just typing the hashtag #RainbowBrows on Insta will throw up hundreds of stunning gradiant looks. Some go by the hashtag #MermaidBrows and not without reason. They’re downright mesmerising. Some sport every colour of the rainbow, like this one here:



There are others that stick to a certain colour scheme. Like a cool-toned mermaid brow:


Monday Mermaid Brows- On DECK✨✨??

A photo posted by ? A L Y S S A ? (@alyssaaiken) on


Or these fiery hot ones:


Because why not?? #pinkeyebrows #rainbowbrows

A photo posted by Emilyyyyy (@emilyyyyyedwards) on



If you ask me, these look like a lot of fun and I don’t see any reason why one can’t wear these. I mean they have such a young, easy-breezy, flirty vibe to it. I’d say it’s the perfect trend for summer. If you are one of those people who don’t shy away from colour, then this trend is for you. I, for one, can’t wait to try this trend! (Yes, I’m experimental like that!) 



Although brow powders specifically meant for this trend aren’t available in India yet, you can definitely use your regular eyeshadow palette to cop this look. If you have thick and dark eyebrows, you might have to use a thick creamy concealer before dabbing some metallic eyeshadows to get the rainbow effect. What more can I say other than have fun!


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