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We’ve Found An Easy Way To Wipe Your Makeup Clean

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What, according to you, is the most significant part of a skincare regimen? Is it the washing and the exfoliation, or the toning and the moisturising? Well, they are all VERY important — but the most important one would be removing your makeup.

Did you know that each time you sleep with your makeup on, your face ages 7 years? Okay, so that is a myth, but still, taking off your makeup is absolutely essential.

Now, there are a crazy number of makeup removers in the market, from wipes and creams, to liquids — all there to serve one purpose and that is to take the entire day off your face and remove the makeup, oil, grime, dirt, and all that festering bacteria that has settled on your face.

In 2 simple steps, vlogger and former Beauty Director at Harper’s Bazaar, Vandana, massages cold-pressed oil on her face, including gently wiping off the eyes. She wipes it off with warm water soaked face flannel by The Body Shop and voilà! all the makeup is gone.

Check it out, try it, and let us know in the comments below if it worked!



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