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Shachi’s Super Efficient Hair Curler Saves Time And Effort!

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Each time I look at my hair texture, it makes me really happy to know that my hair doesn’t belong to any one type. Neither is it too straight nor too wavy. It’s got the perfect balance of straight and wavy and thankfully has the texture of both too. Most people with straight hair complain about the fact that most hairstyles don’t stay and tend to fall open halfway through the evening, irrespective of all those hairpins and hairspray. My sister is one of them. Each time I’d try a fancy hairstyle, she’d ask me to do her hair in a similar fashion the next time she was heading out for a wedding.

So much so that her friends started asking me to do the same. No matter what we tried on her hair, not one picture of hers at the function had the same hairstyle that she and I spent hours perfecting. Her hair is so straight and smooth that no style stays too long. It got irritating to handle. Sorry sister, but there’s only so much I can do about that!

As much as these hairstyles last through the evening for me, I desperately needed a hair curler that let me curl my hair or that of my sister’s without giving up halfway through. Seriously, why is hair curling so time-consuming and difficult? It’s so not how it looks in tutorials. After looking for a hair curler for years, I came across this extremely efficient hair curler while going through one of the short hair styling stories on Hauterfly.



Kiss Instawave Automatic Hair Curler

The beauty of this Kiss hair curler is that it curls your hair automatically. YES, IT REALLY DOES! All you need to do is pick a small chunk of hair and place it on the curler and it twists that section of your hair automatically. Not just that, it also leaves you with great curls, making getting gorgeous curly hair super easy and achievable!

Getting curly hair without heading to the parlour and that too this efficiently, who wouldn’t want to pick this up now? Styling my sister and a bunch of her friends over and over? I’m not one to complain now!

SHOP NOW: Kiss Instawave Automatic Hair Curler (Rs 6,800)


Check out this video below on exactly how to use the product:



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