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5 Fun Hairstyles That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

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I think I’ve already professed my hatred for summer. The one thing that I absolutely hate but can’t avoid is having to wash my hair often. Also, the fact that I have to practically live in a bun for four solid months because letting my hair down in this heat is not an option. How does one look cool and well put-together when your hair looks like something the cat dragged in?

I’m always looking for hairstyles that can keep the hair off my face (summer and bangs just DO NOT mix) and the back of my neck because let’s admit it, there are only so many times you can wear a top knot. So without further ado, here are 5 kickass hairstyles that you should totally try this summer:

1. The Bubble Bun

Bubble buns look young and fresh and are perfect for summer. Plus, you barely need five minutes to put it together. This bun works well on medium to long hair. It looks best on wavy hair, but will work well if you have a mild wave pattern too.


2. The Crown Bun

At first, I thought you’d need a hair doughnut to nail this bun and I was slightly reluctant because I personally feel doughnuts don’t look very good. However, this pretty bun looks like a floral arrangement and uses only hair ties. It is fairly easy to do, but you will definitely need some time to master it; especially the bits where you need to tie the two strands with an inch of space between them.


3. The Intricate Knotted Bun

My first impression about this updo was, “This looks like too much work!” However, it is unbelievably simple. Literally as simple as tying your shoe laces with your eyes closed. The flowers are acceptable only if you are attending a wedding, otherwise this intricate-looking knotted bun is great to keep the hair off your face and the nape of your neck.


4. The Lace Braid Bun

If you know how to do a French braid, this hairstyle is really easy because the “lace braid” is just a half French braid. However, if you struggle with the French braid, I suggest you try twists on the front sections of your hair instead. They look as pretty as braids and are relatively simple to do. On days when you have under five minutes to get dressed, chuck the braids (or the twists) and go for the messy braid!


5. The Headband Updo

While short hair is definitely a blessing (hair can weigh a lot), it gets annoying in the hotter months because you can’t tie it in a pony or bun without having big pieces falling all over the place. This is precisely why you must invest in some neutral coloured headbands and tuck your hair in for a neat and clean hairstyle.


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