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10 Manis Perfect for The Wedding Season

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Wedding season beauty isn’t just about the lovely henna, flawless makeup, and glowing skin. Nails are an important part of the bride’s look. If you’re not into any sort of nail art, then well, cut and file your nails, at least! But if you are a nails person, whether simple or all-out glitter, then here’s some inspiration for the wedding season. If you’re the bride or if you’re attending a wedding, you can ask your manicurist to recreate the look you like most.


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1. Maybe you like opting for flesh tones? Jazz it up with one glitter nail per hand and some crazy gel extensions.


2. How about this really cool take on the classic, bridal red nails?


3. You can also be super trendy and rock some glam chrome nails.


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4. If you like white nails, then this is definitely a great look to try.


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5. If you’re not an extensions fan, then give the classic French Manicure a twist with this look!


6. You could also add a hint of metallic art to your nails with a minimalist look like this.


The simple stuff ?

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7. You can also do the lines without the colour.


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8. Go for gold, in the cutest way possible, of course.


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9. Gold, flesh tones, and geometric shapes: that’s all my favourite manicures in one!


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10. Or maybe try some nail accessories for the season? Go on, we dare you!


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